Saturday, April 6, 2013

Appliance Disposal, Raleigh, NC, 27610

Appliance Disposal, Raleigh, NC
Cash for your broken and old appliance?  You bet.  Raleigh Metal Recycling is the best in Appliance disposal and Applinace Recycling in that we pay you cash for your old or broken appliance.  Washer, Dryer, Microwave, Vacuum cleaner Dishwasher--We pay cash for your old appliances.  Come see us and bring other things made out of metal or mostly metal.  See our website for What we buy! If you are in Cary, NC, Durham, NC, Clayton, NC, come see us!  We even help you unload them from your vehicle!  We are Raleigh Recycling!  Call at 919-828-5426.