Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Aluminum can recycling: If it's Wednesday, it's CAN Wednesday here!

Interested in aluminum can recycling? An article from The Aluminum Association said it best: "The amount of energy saved just from recycling cans in 2011 is equal to the energy equivalent of over 17 million barrels of crude oil. That's the amount of oil needed to fuel more than 1 million vehicles on the road for 12 months."

aluminum can recycling on Wednesdays gives you an extra $0.03 per pound!

That might be old news, but since math and oil don't change much, don't forget that on Wednesdays you can come down to Raleigh Metal Recycling at 2310 Garner Road, Raleigh, NC, and have a scrap metal recycling party with us! Get $0.03 extra per pound for coming in and scrapping aluminum cans TODAY and EVERY Wednesday, at one of the best places for scrap recycling in Raleigh, NC. Then watch the cans go through one of our favorite machines on the yard, the can machine, which will crush your cans, shuttling them out the other side.

Aluminum can recycling happens right here before your eyes at our can machine!

Aluminum can recycling toward the end of the process

Processors will quickly make that fresh pile of recycled beverage cans into other aluminum products for upcoming generations, as you can see below.

Aluminum can recycling leads to these, and then reuse, which helps the enviroment!

And if you don't have a bundle of cans, no problem! We love waste metal collection of all types. Do some brass recycling when you bring in your loads. Any other scrap aluminum? No problem. How about some old aluminum siding? Bring it on down to the yard, where other scrap metal like electric motors are just as welcome, too.

Who we support

Raleigh Metal Recycling is a proud supporter of, too, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. They help us make sure we're doing our scrap metal recycling in the best way possible. Keep up with them if you want to increase your aluminum can recycling knowledge.

You might not have realized that aluminum cans fall into the category of what can be recycled at our facility, but they do all day long. So, we hope to see you today. Give us a call at 919-828-5426 if you have any more questions!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Lower Demand for Copper lowers price in Raleigh, NC, elsewhere

Lower demand for copper has in the past caused its going rate to sharply decline. However, the news hardly ever mentions copper prices. So what does cause copper's going rate to decline?

If you've been doing scrap metal recycling for a while now, you might've recently noticed a drop in the price of copper. Last week (18 Feb '13), recycling facilities in and near Raleigh, NC saw a country-wide drop in copper prices by several cents per pound, an indication that global demand for copper is on the decline. In reality it is not decling, but it is growing slower.

Nationally and abroad, for years construction and plumbing industries have used copper wires and pipes for new buildings and maintenance. When the need for those buildings slows, companies' and countries' demand for scrapped and newly mined copper tends to fall as well, proportionally affecting its going rate in the market.

Likely causes

China has some to do with the price of copper today.

"China accounts for about 40% of global copper consumption and the housing sector is a major driver of demand there." an article in the Wall Street Journal says. Another source, NBCNEWS, agrees, but goes on to add that China's government may be aiming to lower its rate of more building, and less building therefore means less demand for copper.

That lowering demand in turn means a lowering price offered to scrappers at places like Raleigh Metal Recycling.

China, however, isn't the only probable reason for this shift. The same NBC article reports that on a domestic scale, the urge to build within the United States has seen a slight decline, though it is expected to rise from a "builder sentiment" of its current 46 to 48 later this year. A page on shows that, in terms of builder sentiment, "...any number over 50 indicates that more builders view conditions as good than poor." Its lowest point since March of 2012 was in May, when it was at 24, and it was at 47 the first of this year.

A lesson from the past

The U.S. housing crisis in 2008 helps reveal the relationship between copper prices and the health of an economy. Assets, in this case houses, became the flashpoint to the crisis. More and more houses began to accrue value at surprising and delightful rates to homeowners. The demand for new houses then did, too.

Many people bought second houses by borrowing money against the appreciated mortgages of their first homes. At the same time banks loaned money for new houses to more and more people while allegedly knowing many would quickly fall into debt, a strategy to make the banks more money--the more who owed money to the banks, the better for the banks. This quickly sucked value out of houses nationwide, though, and most everyone who'd purchased new houses went deeper and deeper into debt.

Many great consequences resulted. Almost everyone ended up owing money they couldn't pay due to houses' sudden loss in value. Demand to build new houses then stagnated. People stopped spending, and therefore businesses stopped investing in assets like capital for new construction. This was when, as depicted in the chart below, the price of copper dove alongside the stock market, quality mortgages and business investments.

Demand for Copper and its long-term fluctuation

Morals are in every story

The moral of the story is that both major global and national changes affect pricing right here at home. The difference between now and 2008 is that China isn't suffering like the U.S. was, and the U.S. construction industry today is expected to increase building before the year's end.

Overall, the situation really goes to show that the country and world is smartening up. New systems have been put in place to prevent such tumult from recurring. We are becoming more watchful. If the lower copper prices still seem slightly eery, one must recall that patience is a virtue. 2013 is a new age, and prices will likely climb again shortly. 

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Get a REAL recycling experience at Raleigh Metal Recycling

It's unfortunate how many people are missing out on a real recycling experience. The cause is questionable. One sentiment nested in the minds of many is that recycling is pointless and all those materials end up in a landfill anyway. Then we have the blue and green bins with the clockwise-flowing arrows, undoubtedly convenient for recycling cans, bottles, cardboard, and some other plastics.  Of course, too, we have the good 'ole dollar- "I'm not getting any money by putting my bottles in that bin, so why go to the trouble?" And sure, despite our efforts, some of the blame falls on us; Raleigh Metal Recycling hasn't quite made its case for why more should visit one of the greenest places in the Triangle.

Live a little. At least once. 

If to recycle you go no farther than the end of the driveway, it might be time to consider mixing it up some. After all, that convenient little recycling container can't handle a broke-down lawn mower, can it? How about a bicycle? Those old brass door handles? Chances are that a lot of metal you no longer want is either prohibited or too much for the recycling bin to handle, particularly if we're talking about a junk car.

But here at Raleigh Metal Recycling, we eat junk cars and all sorts of other metallic objects for breakfast. Rain, shine, or snow, we're going to 11 times out of 10 be opened on the hours we say we're open.

A Cat Crane, one great aspect of the recycling experience at a metal yard
Yeah, we're pretty extreme about recycling.

May the recycling speak for itself

A line like "A recycling experience you'll never forget" is frankly too cliche for us, so we'll let what you see upon a visit speak louder than the lame phrases. Bring some aluminum cans into the facility and watch them get launched at speeds greater than 100 mph out of our polished-up can machine.
Get an AWESOME recycling experience at our facility!

Enjoy the view of nearby Downtown Raleigh while you weigh in your big load of steel, appliances, wire, aluminum siding, cast iron and other commodities at our ferrous truck scales that are around the left side of the building.

Downtown Raleigh is only a scrapling's throw from Raleigh biggest metal recycling facility

Or enter our non-ferrous area, located in the center of the building, to do some brass, aluminum and copper recycling. You got it--turn that trash wire into wire newly recycled that we'll purchase by the pound. See the Copper section on this page- Product Specifications -for details on such wire. And here, believe it or not, you can recycle compressors and sealed units, too.

Miss out no longer

So come on over. Get the recycling experience you've been missing out on that's right down the road, or, okay, probably a little farther, but still a comfortable distance from Knightdale, Clayton, Morrisville, Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, and other great cities that are a scrapling's throw from Raleigh, NC. Get paid for reducing our world's need for more new ore, copper mining, and other forms of natural resource extraction. Plus you'll probably leave with a smile, provided that our guys are funny enough (which doesn't seem to be an issue around here).

Raleigh-recycling-center pride is right here! Come see us!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Disposal of Electronics in Raleigh, NC

You might not have realized it, but disposal of electronics is easier than you think in Raleigh, North Carolina. Don't worry about having to make phone calls and getting put on hold for half-an-hour, either. Raleigh Metal Recycling is the premier place in the Triangle to get rid of (and get paid for) your burdensome mound of trash electronics. Take a look at our WHAT WE BUY page if you want to be sure we'll take what you got, or just come on down (see address at top-right of page) to our location when you're ready.

Disposal of electronics at Raleigh Metal Recycling

Some electronics we currently don't take

Although Raleigh Metal Recycling assists in the disposal of electronics such as washing machines, stoves, dryers, mother boards, and desktop and laptop computers, you must still take TVs and monitors to 10505 Old Stage Rd, or another one of Wake County's convenient centers accepting those more hazardous electronic materials.

Making the drop

Dropping off your materials is easy here. Our facility provides customers with small metal carts so they don't have to physically carry their loads inside- they only have to wheel them in. If when you arrive you feel slightly drowsy for any reason, go into the ATM room next to the indoor scales and grab a quick cup of complimentary coffee. You'll then cart your load to the indoor scales area where a friendly scale operator will weigh it in. It'll take a few minutes, and after your scrap's all weighed, you're paid!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Steel Recyclers welcome at Raleigh Metal Recycling

Steel recyclers are definitely, without the shadow of a doubt, welcome at Raleigh Metal Recycling, 2310 Garner Rd, in Raleigh, NC near downtown, and we're ready to take those hundreds or thousands of pounds of saved-up steel off your hands. Drive in and come around the left side of our building to our top-of-the-line truck scales. A friendly scale operator will be waiting to weigh you in.

steel recyclers, come through the truck scales with all that scrap!

First-timers: Have your ID ready

If you've never delivered anything to The Yard before, have an official I.D. handy so you'll have an account and will be able to get our specials from that day forward. Then, our friendly crane operators and on-the-ground helpers will get you off-loaded, lickity-split, quickly and safely. And remember- this is a metal yard; we're ready for action even on the nastiest days!

steel recyclers, drive on through and let the yardmen take that metal!

Getting the best deal for your steel (got to love some rhyming)

Steel that is considered "clean" has no rubber or other alloys attached to it. Clean, steel pieces 3 feet or less we buy for a higher price than longer pieces. We also offer the best prices in town for clean auto cast, cast iron, clean tin, dirty motors, transmissions, and even Whole Cars you might want to get rid of.

Have lots and lots of metal, but it's not steel?

Though some know us as the great steel recyclers we are, you can just as well deliver a lot of other metals to Raleigh Metal Recycling. Want to know more of what we buy? Give this button a click:


We take a lot more than people realize, though we still don't take tires, TVs, computer monitors, or whole propane tanks (we take propane tanks only if they're cut in half first). A few Wake County "Convenience Centers" do take some of these more hazardous items, though, and you can give them a call at 919-856-6186 if you've had enough of surfing the web for the day.

Sure, we'll admit we're not the only steel recyclers in town, but we will admit that we're among the best. We're excited to serve all we can in the greater Raleigh-Durham area.

Junk my Car, Salvage Car, Durham, NC, 27704

Junk My Car Durham, NC 27704
Junk cars in Durham are a major part of our business, due to we are right down the road in Raleigh.  Drive it in, push it in, tow it in--we will buy junk cars and salvage cars for cash at Raleigh Metal Recycling and Junk Cars.  If you can not get it to us, No problem.  Call Dave at 919-758-3764. He will come get it and pay you cash on the spot!!!
Junk Cars in Durham, Raleigh, Wake Forest come see us!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Extra Money-Raleigh NC Scrap Metal Prices

How to get extra money at Raleigh Metal Recycling: Bring in a Coupon!

Winter is still here, and it's nice having some extra money from your scrap metals to get those fire logs or that new, cold-weather jacket. So come to Raleigh Metal Recycling after you print out the coupon by clicking on it below. It's Extra Money for you the next time you come in to our facility!

Coupon Guidelines

The coupon gives you an extra 5 cents/pound for a single line item of Non-Ferrous (Copper, Aluminum, Brass, and any other item that's weighed by the pound) or $.75/100 pounds of a Ferrous line item like Prepared Steel, Unprepared Steel, Mixed Metals and Cast Iron.

This program is good through 2/28/13. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Recycle Aluminum Cans for Money in Raleigh, NC, 27610, Durham, NC, Cary NC, 919-828-5426, Garner, Clayton

Recycle Aluminum Cans for  Money-Cash

Raleigh Metal Recycling
2310 Garner Road
Raleigh, NC, 27610
Tel: 919-828-5426

Stop by Raleigh Metal Recycling and recycle aluminum cans for money
It's hard to believe, but according to an article on, the Aluminum Association, the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) agreed that 65.1% of aluminum cans produced in 2011 were recycled. That amounts to 61 BILLION cans! The new goal is 75% by 2015. So, have any aluminum cans? Stop by Raleigh Metal Recycling at 2310 Garner Rd., Raleigh, NC and get paid in Cash for them by the pound.

What to do

The hallway that has the big wheeled carts is where you want to take your cans. Put your bags on a cart and head on down to the end of the corridor. Then, empty a bag or two into one of the baskets next to the can machine. Do a quick double-check to make sure there aren't any plastic bottles or soup cans in your load, and then you'll be almost done. One of our friendly staff will be there to get your cans weighed, and then he'll give you a weight ticket that you'll present to a scale operator in the room next door.

Two ways to know aluminum cans from steel cans

Surprisingly enough, not all beverage cans are made of aluminum. Oftentimes people bring in bag-fulls of cans, in which half of them are made of steel. The fastest way to tell if a can is aluminum or steel is by taking a refrigerator magnet to it. If the magnet clings onto the can, the can is steel!

The other way to tell the difference is by squeezing the can. If it easily starts to crush within your grip, then the can is almost certainly made of aluminum. Try crushing a soup can that way, for instance. Chances are that without superhuman grip, a soup can won't crush so easily. And by the way, soup cans are considered shredder materials-- you can still clean them up and bring them in to get a little more extra money, though. Just head over to a scale operator after you drop off those aluminum cans, and get paid for both types of cans. Got a piece of heavy machinery to bring in? Hey. Get paid for that, too!

Anything else?

As you might guess, Raleigh Metal Recycling takes all sorts of metals besides aluminum. Go here- List of What We Take - to see all the things you can exchange for cash or check. We look forward to seeing you sometime soon!

Greg Brown


Recycling Aluminum Cans for Money in Raleigh, NC
Raleigh Metal Recycling, Aluminum

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Raleigh Scrap Yard

Raleigh Scrap Yard
Raleigh Recycling Metal and Junk Cars, is a true High Tech Recycling facility.  All our processes are run by highly trained people and controlled by a sophisticated computer system.  We also have 24/7 Security and monitoring to keep you and all our people and operations safe and secure.  As many people know we are no longer just a basic junk yard for steel, copper, aluminum, etc.  We now are leaders and buyers in:
-Scrap Metal of all types
-Junk Cars, Salvage Cars
-Battery Recycling
-Computer Recycling
-Electronics Recycling
-e-waste Recycling
-Cardboard Recycling
-Scrap copper Recycling
-Scrap Brass Recycling
-Scrap Iron and steel
-All with great scrap metal prices in NC!
If from Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Wake Forest, Clayton, Henderson, Oxford, Ft Bragg come see us in Raleigh
OR, if in Goldsboro, LaGrange, Kinston, Wilson, Greenville, New Bern, come to

Metal Recycling Raleigh NC

Metal Recycling Raleigh, NC
We wanted to give all an update on what is going on at Raleigh Metal Recycling. We are ready for the upcoming increase in Commercial and Demolition projects as well as the Home Owner spring cleaning.  We have a full fleet of Trucks, Trailers, Vans and more to service every project.  Nine full time drivers on staff and another five in our sister operation in Goldsboro.  We also have a highly trained team to get you in and out with your scrap copper, old appliance, old computer and more.  Battery Recycling is also important today, so come see us to recycling and get money for your batteries.  We are the largest Raleigh Recycling operation that buys Scrap Metal of all types from Demolition Companies, Industrial companies and the public.  We are Raleigh Metal Recycling!
Call us for:
Great Scrap Metal Prices
Junk Car Removal
Battery Recycling
Appliance Recycling
Cardboard Recycling
Computer Recycling
Aluminum Can Recycling

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Heavy Machinery Recycling near downtown Raleigh, NC

Heavy machinery recycling been on your mind lately? Are those giant, rusted-out and broke-down tractors getting to be an eyesore? Ready to get rid of that unusable forklift? Got a recently retired bulldozer that has nowhere to go? Rest easier now- all unwanted heavy machinery has a home named Raleigh Metal Recycling.

Located conveniently off of I-40 near downtown Raleigh, Raleigh Recycling is the place for heavy machinery recycling. Bring in a load and get the best payout in town for it.

Heavy machinery recycling at Raleigh Recycling!

We handle the big loads

Our truck scales are on the left side of the building, and they're ready to handle the mother loads that simply won't fit into the confines of smaller facilities. So haul that lunker on in. Our friendly scale operators along with a fresh cup of complimentary coffee will be waiting.

And with heavy machinery recycling, we simply deduct for fuel, tires, dirt

We'd prefer that fuel, tires and dirt be removed from a load that gets hauled in, but if removing these extraneous items is too much trouble, we'll simply deduct the non-metallic weight from the load and call it a day. Sometimes that's just how junking machinery goes.

And if you happen to be closer to the beach than to Raleigh, good news: Our sister facility is a little smaller, but it's just as welcoming to heavy machinery recycling. See below for addresses and numbers.

If you happen to be more interested in getting rid of mounds and mounds of scrap metal, take a look at this- Pick-up services -and give us a call. Grant Kiser is our senior account manager, and he'd be a great guy to start with. Give him a call at 919-710-3805.

Or are you looking to replace an old and broke-down trailer. Here are some great options for high-quality roll-off trailers, manufactured out of Michigan but deliverable to the location most convenient for you.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Computer Recycling, Raleigh North Carolina

Computer Recycling,
Raleigh, North Carolina

Computer Recycling and Electronics Recycling are a huge issue for the public.  The question is, Where can I go for Computer Recycling?  We make it easy for you at Raleigh Recycling.  We pay you for them.  Come see us.  We also pay you for Battery Recycling.  Sorry, we do not buy Monitors or TVs--Yet. Believe us, though, when we say we'll be keeping you posted as far as that's concerned!

Computer Recycling, Electronics Recycling, NC

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Where to Junk My Car Raleigh, NC

Where to Junk My Car, Raleigh, NC
The economy is getting better, so the question is Where to Junk My Car.  Bring your car to us at Raleigh Recycling and Junk cars, or call Dave at 919-758-3764 to arrange a fast pick up and Cash Payment.  We are the best in Junk Cars and the best place to sell a Junk Car, or Salvage Car.
When in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Henderson, Clayton, Wake Forest, Fayettville, Ft Bragg area, see us at:
Junk Cars Raleigh NC

Friday, February 1, 2013

North Carolina NC Scrap Metal Pricing Per pound

North Carolina NC Scrap
Metal Pricing Per Pound
Scrap Metal Pricing per pound remains something that is always changing.  We have made it as easy as possible to communicate this with you, by putting our prices on the phone.  Call 919-828-5426 and press 2.  We have great prices on all items for you Junk Cars, Battery Recycling, Appliance Recycling and more.  Of course we are known to be the best in Aluminum Can Recycling and more.
When in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Henderson, Clayton, Wake Forest, Fayettville, Ft Bragg area, see us at:
North Carolina NC Scrap Metal Pricing Per Pound

Scrap Metal Buyers NC North Carolina

Scrap Metal Buyers NC North Carolina
Scrap Metal remains an important business for the global economy.  Right here in North Carolina, there are multiple Steel Mills that buy scrap metal by the train load.  Raleigh Metal Recycling and Goldsboro Metal Recycling is a major Scrap Metal Buyer.  We are buyers of scrap copper, scrap aluminum, scrap brass, and of course iron and steel.  A number of years ago, we expanded into Computer Recycling, Electronics Recycling, Battery Recycling, Aluminum cans and more.
When in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Henderson, Clayton, Wake Forest, Fayettville, Ft Bragg area, see us at: