Monday, July 15, 2013

Today's-Raleigh, NC Recycling, Metal, copper, aluminum, great prices today

Today-Recycling in Raleigh, NC for:
Steel, Iron, Copper, Aluminum,
Computers, Cardboard and more
Raleigh Recycling in North Carolina has become the ‘"One Stop Shop” for Recycling in NC.
This means we not only recycle all types of Metal/Steel, but for Industrial companies we are leaders in:

-Cardboard Recycling

-Battery Recycling

-Computer Recycling

-Electronics Recycling

-Copper Recycling

-Aluminum Recycling

-Paper Recycling

-Plastics Recycling

-Junk Cars

-and More

We buy cardboard by the bale.  These are typically about 800-1,000 pounds.  Now that we are buyers of cardboard that helps our customers reduce the number of interactions that we have to deal with, with their ‘supply base’.  At Raleigh Recycling, we have all the trucks, computer systems, people and processes for recycling, so adding cardboard made sense.  Trees, energy and landfill space are all saved by recycling cardboard, so it is a great thing to do.  Also, it helps our US trade surplus with China.  Much of the cardboard for recycling in the US, we sell to China.

Battery Recycling
Batteries are in more and more products that we use. We buy almost all types of batteries

-Lead Acid (Pb), from forklifts, Computers, Vehicles

-Li-Ion-From computers, cell phones, power tools, etc.

-Li-MH-From computers, etc.

-Ni-Cad-From many types of devices

A key thing about batteries is that they can be very dangerous, especially batteries with the lead, which is dangerous and the Acid-Sulfuric acid.  Handle batteries with care!!!

Computer Recycling
We are Computer Recyclers here in Raleigh, NC.  This is part of we are not just a Junk yard or a Salvage yard.  We recycle even hi-tech devices such as computers.  Sorry we do not recycle monitors at this time.  I will add that we recycle laptop computers and regular computers.

Copper Recycling
Copper recycling like other materials is important to us.  We buy copper for recycling, with and without insulation.  You can strip the insulation off or we can. Either way, we buy it.  We buy from electricians and plumbers.  We always have great prices for copper at Raleigh Metal Recycling.

Aluminum Recycling
If you want to know where to recycle aluminum, you found the place at Raleigh Scrap Metal Recycling.  We are major buyers of Aluminum cans and even pay 3 cents more every Wednesday for Aluminum cans.  From factories we are buyers of Aluminum, even if it is 6061, or 6063.  We also buy Aluminum Clips, new, or old, as well as extrusions. 


Plastics Recycling
Some plastics have very high value for Recycling.  The “2” on the bottom has some great value.  #5 has some, as do others.  Sadly, some plastics have very little value, due to the type of materials that are made from.

Since Prices are always changing, just call us at 919-828-5416 and press 2, to hear today’s Prices. 

Junk Cars-Cash for your junk car

We make is simple.  Just call Dave at 919-758-3764 and he will arrange to come get it and pay you cash on the spot.  We pay between $200-$500+ depending on the weight of the car.  Junk cars for cash, Junk Car buyers!

Again, we make it simple.  Just drive your car to us, or you tow it and we pay you cash on the spot.  We make is simple, clean and fast.  We are not that old Junk Yard of the past.   We are not that old Salvage Yard.  We are Raleigh Recycling.  Buyers of Junk cars for cash.

Thanks for reading,

Greg Brown

Raleigh, NC Recycling