Thursday, August 1, 2013

Scrap Metal Recycling, Raleigh, NC, Durham, NC

Scrap Metal Recycling
Scrap Metal Recycling is the #1 Business we are in.  We continue to be leaders in Metal Recycling here in Raleigh, NC for:
-Demolition Companies
-Construction Companies
-City, County, State and Federal Agencies
We are Scrap Metal Buyers and are leaders in:
-Steel Recycling
-Copper Recycling
-Aluminum Recycling
-Junk Cars and Salvage Cars
-Brass Recycling
-Electric Motor Recycling
-Computer Recycling
-Electronics Recycling
-And more
Services we provide:
-Pick up, daily, weekly, monthly for companies
-Fast Service for Companies and the Public
-Top Prices for your material
-Cash, Check or wire transfer
-Consulting to ensure you are getting the best price and value

Key Cities we pick up from:
Raleigh, NC
Durham, NC
Garner, NC
Wake Forest, NC
Cary, NC
Henderson, NC
Oxford, NC
and more
Industrial, Demolition
Roll off Service
We have boxes that range from 20-80 yards.  We also have Open to trailers up to 53' and "lugger" boxes of 12-15 yard.
For LEED we provide detailed reporting to ensure all credits are given.
Public-Raleigh Recycling at its Best
Junk Cars
We tow, or you Drive it in, or two it in.  For Junk Car Removal, call 919-758-3764 and we will get your car the same day and pay you cash.  We pay up to about $500 for your Junk Car.
Scrap Metal

Raleigh Metal Recycling has more scales than any company in North Carolina.  All scales are digital for accuracy. This means we get you in and out fast.

Scrap Metal Prices Today
Just call 919-828-5426 and Press 2 to get today's prices

When in Raleigh, Durham, Garner, Henderson, Wake Forest, Burlington, Fayetteville, come see us at: Raleigh Recycling
2310 Garner Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27610

Tel 919-828-5426

When in Goldsboro, LaGrange, Wilson, Kinston, Mt. Olive, Smithfield, New Bern, come see us at:Goldsboro Recycling
801 N. John St.
Goldsboro, NC 27530

Tel: 919-731-5600

Greg Brown