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It's hard to believe, but according to an article on, the Aluminum Association, the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) agreed that 65.1% of aluminum cans produced in 2011 were recycled. That amounts to 61 BILLION cans! The new goal is 75% by 2015. So, have any aluminum cans? Stop by Raleigh Metal Recycling at 2310 Garner Rd. in Raleigh, NC, 27610 and get paid for them by the pound.  We love soda cans!  We are a major aluminum can recycling center.  We pay the most for aluminum cans per pound

What to do
The hallway that has the big wheeled carts is where you want to take your cans. Put your bags on a cart and head on down to the end of the corridor. Then, empty a bag or two into one of the baskets next to the can machine. Do a quick double-check to make sure there aren't any plastic bottles or soup cans in your load, and then you'll be almost done. One of our friendly staff will be there to get your cans weighed, and then he'll give you a weight ticket that you'll present to a scale operator in the room next door.

Two ways to know aluminum cans from steel cans

Surprisingly enough, not all beverage cans are made of aluminum. Oftentimes people bring in bag-fulls of cans, in which half of them are made of steel. The fastest way to tell if a can is aluminum or steel is by taking a refrigerator magnet to it. If the magnet clings onto the can, the can is steel!
The other way to tell the difference is by squeezing the can. If it easily starts to crush within your grip, then the can is almost certainly made of aluminum. Try crushing a soup can that way, for instance. Chances are that without superhuman grip, a soup can won't crush so easily. And by the way, soup cans are considered shredder materials-- you can still clean them up and bring them in to get a little more extra money, though. Just head over to a scale operator after you drop off those aluminum cans, and get paid for both types of cans. Got a piece of heavy machinery to bring in? Hey. Get paid for that, too!

Anything else?

As you might guess, Raleigh Metal Recycling takes all sorts of metals besides aluminum. Go here-What We Buy to see all the things you can exchange for cash or check. We look forward to seeing you sometime soon!

Greg Brown

Recycling Aluminum Cans for Money in Raleigh, NC
See below as to what a supplier says about the market
Further Strengthening Domestically: US home sales  were up 2.4% at a 10 month high in July and jobless claims fell 14,000 to a seasonally adjusted 298,000, a level that is consistent with solid job growth. The CPI rose .1% to a 2% level from a year ago July, down slightly from 2.1% recorded in June.
China’s HSBC PMI fell to 50.3 in August, a 3 month low, from 51.7 in July. This level was below expectations as employment sub-indexes, new export orders and new orders all decelerated. Other signs of the Chinese economic slowdown have been a sharp drop in credit, weak domestic investment demand and a 3rd consecutive monthly decline in housing sales. This continued uphill battle will put pressure on Beijing to step up government spending or free up money to spur growth.
Copper received  little love and boost in the pricing by Glencore’s forecast for strong demand by both China and the west in the second half of this year. Improving fundamentals evidenced by recent US housing and auto data and fractured supply are leading to a brighter near term outlook. Copper views were extremely negative earlier this year and could have been the result of an over correction.
Who says you need a mask and gun to be a robber? United Company Rusal PLC the world’s largest aluminum producer has started talks with Japanese buyers (Asia’s biggest importer of aluminum) with a record high premium of $460 per tonne for Q4 shipments.  That is a 13% increase from the Q3 premium of $400-408, which was up 12% from a prior quarter. If they can get that to stick, look for domestic premiums in the states to remain elevated near term.
The economic summit in Jackson Hole yielded little new information. The ECB president Mario Draghi called for movement away from tight economic policies that have held back EU growth and pledged central bank policies that could spur growth. These comments come days after a report showed the EU economy stalling in Q2 and with an unemployment rate of 11.5%, far higher than the US, UK or Japan.  As inflation continues to erode in the part of the world, the ECB moves closer to implement QE, a step it has been loath to implement thus far.  Janet Yellen cautioned against moving away from the feds low interest rate policies despite better inflation and stronger jobs market. The Feds current course can be summed up by the chair’s comments “These developments are encouraging, but it speaks to the depth of the damage that, five years after the end of the recession, the labor market has yet to fully recover.“  She sums up the current direction; “There is no simple recipe for appropriate policy in this context.”