Monday, February 18, 2013

Disposal of Electronics in Raleigh, NC

You might not have realized it, but disposal of electronics is easier than you think in Raleigh, North Carolina. Don't worry about having to make phone calls and getting put on hold for half-an-hour, either. Raleigh Metal Recycling is the premier place in the Triangle to get rid of (and get paid for) your burdensome mound of trash electronics. Take a look at our WHAT WE BUY page if you want to be sure we'll take what you got, or just come on down (see address at top-right of page) to our location when you're ready.

Disposal of electronics at Raleigh Metal Recycling

Some electronics we currently don't take

Although Raleigh Metal Recycling assists in the disposal of electronics such as washing machines, stoves, dryers, mother boards, and desktop and laptop computers, you must still take TVs and monitors to 10505 Old Stage Rd, or another one of Wake County's convenient centers accepting those more hazardous electronic materials.

Making the drop

Dropping off your materials is easy here. Our facility provides customers with small metal carts so they don't have to physically carry their loads inside- they only have to wheel them in. If when you arrive you feel slightly drowsy for any reason, go into the ATM room next to the indoor scales and grab a quick cup of complimentary coffee. You'll then cart your load to the indoor scales area where a friendly scale operator will weigh it in. It'll take a few minutes, and after your scrap's all weighed, you're paid!