Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Get a REAL recycling experience at Raleigh Metal Recycling

It's unfortunate how many people are missing out on a real recycling experience. The cause is questionable. One sentiment nested in the minds of many is that recycling is pointless and all those materials end up in a landfill anyway. Then we have the blue and green bins with the clockwise-flowing arrows, undoubtedly convenient for recycling cans, bottles, cardboard, and some other plastics.  Of course, too, we have the good 'ole dollar- "I'm not getting any money by putting my bottles in that bin, so why go to the trouble?" And sure, despite our efforts, some of the blame falls on us; Raleigh Metal Recycling hasn't quite made its case for why more should visit one of the greenest places in the Triangle.

Live a little. At least once. 

If to recycle you go no farther than the end of the driveway, it might be time to consider mixing it up some. After all, that convenient little recycling container can't handle a broke-down lawn mower, can it? How about a bicycle? Those old brass door handles? Chances are that a lot of metal you no longer want is either prohibited or too much for the recycling bin to handle, particularly if we're talking about a junk car.

But here at Raleigh Metal Recycling, we eat junk cars and all sorts of other metallic objects for breakfast. Rain, shine, or snow, we're going to 11 times out of 10 be opened on the hours we say we're open.

A Cat Crane, one great aspect of the recycling experience at a metal yard
Yeah, we're pretty extreme about recycling.

May the recycling speak for itself

A line like "A recycling experience you'll never forget" is frankly too cliche for us, so we'll let what you see upon a visit speak louder than the lame phrases. Bring some aluminum cans into the facility and watch them get launched at speeds greater than 100 mph out of our polished-up can machine.
Get an AWESOME recycling experience at our facility!

Enjoy the view of nearby Downtown Raleigh while you weigh in your big load of steel, appliances, wire, aluminum siding, cast iron and other commodities at our ferrous truck scales that are around the left side of the building.

Downtown Raleigh is only a scrapling's throw from Raleigh biggest metal recycling facility

Or enter our non-ferrous area, located in the center of the building, to do some brass, aluminum and copper recycling. You got it--turn that trash wire into wire newly recycled that we'll purchase by the pound. See the Copper section on this page- Product Specifications -for details on such wire. And here, believe it or not, you can recycle compressors and sealed units, too.

Miss out no longer

So come on over. Get the recycling experience you've been missing out on that's right down the road, or, okay, probably a little farther, but still a comfortable distance from Knightdale, Clayton, Morrisville, Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, and other great cities that are a scrapling's throw from Raleigh, NC. Get paid for reducing our world's need for more new ore, copper mining, and other forms of natural resource extraction. Plus you'll probably leave with a smile, provided that our guys are funny enough (which doesn't seem to be an issue around here).

Raleigh-recycling-center pride is right here! Come see us!