Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Where to Get Rid of a Car--Raleigh Recycling & Junk Cars!

Need to get rid of a car? No worries! Raleigh Recycling & Junk Cars, at 2310 Garner Rd., Raleigh, NC, is all you need to recycle your car. We'll even drive to you (see next section) and pick up that junk car. Indeed, we are Raleigh's biggest and best metal salvage yard that will gladly help you get that car off your hands. Recycle that car at THE metal yard!

Get rid of a car with Raleigh Recycling & Junk Cars, 919-828-5246

Yes, the auto recycling master of Raleigh, NC, wants you to know that jalopies are welcome all day long at our facility. That thing doesn't have to sit in the back yard collecting dust, water and debris anymore! Don't let harmful chemicals drip and drop and pollute another inch of ground any longer.

Get rid of a car by scheduling a pickup

And auto recycling is easier than most people think at Raleigh Recycling & Junk Cars. Don't worry about fuel, tires, oil, or, heck, getting it here, either! If the car doesn't work and you don't know how to haul or tow it in, call one of our best guys, Dave, at 919-758-3764 to get rid of a car fast.
So if your vehicle is broken and you think it's beyond repair, you might as well go ahead and "get the rubbish in the bin," take the broken car to the yard, get money for the car, get paid, and call it a day!