Saturday, March 30, 2013

NC Scrap Metal Pricing per pound, Raleigh, Durham, 27610, Cary, NC

NC Scrap Metal
We have had great prices on Steel this month and close to record prices on Junk Cars and Salvage Cars.  The BEST prices for cars in all of Raleigh will still be here, though!  And even if copper remains low (in fact today in the world markets, copper touched a low that was last seen about 7 months ago), we will continue to do our best to pay you the most we can.   Update!!! Copper is off it's low of a few weeks ago! (4/9/13)

NC Scrap Metal is always welcome at Raleigh Recycling

Some good news is that our assortment of what we buy is larger than ever before. It includes batteries, aluminum cans, AC Units, hot water heaters, appliances and even steel cans (soup cans, tuna cans).  We even buy Kitchen sinks, and we have great house wire prices.  We will keep your free hot coffee brewing every day, and we'll remain the metal recycling facility that has more scales than anyone else in all of North Carolina because we're dedicated to getting you in and out as fast as possible.  When it comes to all types of scrap metal, we are the experts and pay you  the most we can for each type of scrap metal you have.  Also, yes, we always pay cash right from our onsite ATM machines, though we'll gladly do checks as well if that's what you'd prefer.  We even stay stocked with fresh green ink to give you 'new' dollar bills.  OK, just kidding on the green ink!
NC Scrap Metal Pricing  per pound, North Carolina