Monday, March 18, 2013

MOST MONEY EVER! Raleigh, NC Scrap Metal Recycling Junk Cars in Durham & Raleigh

Raleigh NC Scrap Metal Recycling
Junk Cars in Durham, Raleigh
Raleigh, NC Scrap Metal Recycling, as we wrote, is now paying the highest prices in our history for Junk Cars and, yes, Salvage Cars, as some call them.  Running or not running!  We are also paying the highest prices this year for most scrap metal and Appliances.  If you want to dispose of your appliances, come see us!  Appliance Recycling at its best.  If you have recently found yourself asking, "Where can I dispose of my appliances?" then now you know you can come see us!  Though China is slowing down, they remain a major user of scrap metal from North America, as is the case with India and Turkey of all places.

Scrap metal recycling junk cars in Durham & Raleigh, NC!
Raleigh Metal Recycling, Junk My car-Junk Yard Salvage Yard

The cars we buy are all recycled and the metal from your cars goes all over the East Coast and the world.  We are now paying the most ever for your car in our history, running or not running.  The great news is we make it easy for you to either drive it in, push it in, or tow it in.  With our now paying record prices, that means it is about $250-$500+ cash to you.  We will need your car's title if the car is 9 years or newer. But still, if it is older than that and you have the title, please bring it.  If you cannot get it to us, call Dave at 919-758-3764.  He will come and get it, paying you cash on the spot. Junk Car Towing, Junk Car Removal!
We are open early at 8:00 AM to support you, and we close at 4:30 PM,  Monday-Friday.  We are even open at 7:00 AM Saturday, staying open until 2:00 PM. 

Come see us for great prices of all kinds of scrap metal for all people in Raleigh, NC, Durham, Cary, Clayton, Wake Forest and more.

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