Saturday, June 29, 2013

Junk Cars, Salvage Cars, Raleigh, NC, Durham, NC, North Carolina

Junk Cars, Salvage Cars
Raleigh, NC, Durham, NC
North Carolina

How to junk a car is a big issue today.  

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-You Drive, tow in or push in!
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We make it easy at Raleigh Metal Recycling and Junk Cars.  Drive it in, push it in or we tow.  Just call Dave at 919-758-3764 and he will come get it and pay you cash, running or not.  We are not just a junk yard or a salvage yard, we are Raleigh Recycling at its best, buying Junk Cars, Salvage Cars and more.  We are #1 in Raleigh buying junk cars from the public!  We are also leaders in Appliance Recycling, Battery recycling, Aluminum can recycling and more.
Come see us if you want to know how to junk a car.

Raleigh Recycling.  The Best in Junk Cars, Junk Car Removal and How to get rid of a junk car!

We Tow and Pay Cash-Call:919-758-3764

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