Friday, June 21, 2013

Scrap Metal Industrial, Demolition and Comercial

Scrap Metal
Industrial and Demolition
Scrap Metal from Industrial and Demolition accounts is more than half our business.  We have more automation and systems for speed and accuracy than any other Recycling operation in North Carolina.  We have more trucks, drivers and scales than any full service Recycling operation in North Carolina.  From Industrial accounts and factories, we buy:

-Scrap Metal
-Scrap Copper
-Scrap Aluminum

and since we full service we lead in:
-Computer Recycling
-Electronics Recycling
-Plastics recycling
Importantly, there are three things we have at Raleigh Recycling that even some of our largest competitors do not have.
1) We sell directly to the steel mills.  Others sell through brokers who 'take a cut'.  This means we have the best prices and can pass the best prices on to you.  We give you that cut, not the broker
2) We have more scales to get you in out than any other Recycling company in North Carolina, or course other than our sister company in Goldsboro, North Carolina
3) We ship steel out by Rail and Truck.  Every rail car is the equivalent of 4 trucks, which is part of why rail is less expensive than trucks to ship steel to steel mills in many cases, so we pass the savings to you.  Also, we do not need to use our truck scales to ship out steel to factories.  Our customers and our trucks that go to our customers use our scales.

If you are an Industrial, Commercial or Demolition company, come see us at Raleigh Metal Recycling.

Scrap Metal Industrial and Demolition